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SS Kalyana Mahal - A Paradise on Earth  SS Kalyana Mahal offers everything needed for marriages, receptions and other functions. The Kalyana Mahal has excellent facilities to suit all your needs.

SS Kalyana Mahal is centrally located in  T.Nagar ,  (Chennai) with   spacious halls, modern kitchen with sophisticated equipments. The amenities here are excellent

SS Kalyana Mahal is best suited for celebrating your auspicious family functions. It is also an apt place for conducting corporate meetings, conferences etc. .The ambience and the location pleases everyone with its lush green environment. The pleasant interior and surroundings is best suited for all marriage and other get-togethers.

Staff belonging to the Kalyana Mahal are quite helpful and attach much importance for the cleanliness of the Kalyana Mahal.  Everything is in its right place and it is attractive for the visitors to look for this Kalyana Mahal for their family functions.

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